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Altar of the Goat Skull​/​VI


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Indignation 02:39
Steel toe mother fucking your head into the curb One more dead mother fucker thinning the human herd Stomping out your life and dreams while you choke on your last screams Choke on your last fucking screams Your dead yellow broken teeth, face down in blood Was the last thing you saw, body limp and spine broke Running mouth no longer running
A.C.S.-4 01:56
A.C.S.-3 01:39
Treating people just like numbers What do you have to say? Climbing the ladder, throwing them under Just to have your own way
Blood drips from the athame As your life drains away The last words on your lips You will never say Your body twisted your life drains away Bent backwards and broken Your hopes and dreams flood out Onto the stone I watch The blood flow down and out As you drown On your final day I took your life away
Oh I sailed on the sea Until night turned to day And the pain went away Oh I built an ark And sailed away Until I was far enough away That when I woke up Night turned to day And I Realized That I had Just found my way Far enough Away To start a new day And change my ways Live a different way Now I Sail the seas The Sea Of Suicide
Sewer Dreams 04:13
Big Mouth 03:56
You're a goof with a big mouth Small minds breed small ideas
Talk your shit Save your face Just another example Of living human waste Trying so hard to Win the human rat race Bowels of hell Drag me down
Lies and rules will fall from the blood red sky The human kind is done the final footsteps from our final demise Looking back in history's books at the end of time Living in existence is every human's crime Earth's crust cracked at dawn, sea and sky turn red Stars fall from the sky, asteroids fall from orbit Earth smashed to dust
Fuck off is what you told me to do But I bet you never thought I'd be fucking off on you You told me to fuck off So that's what I'm doing You're dead and I got your trendy blue jeans down, down around your ankles Fuck off is what you told me to do So that's what I'm doing Now your dead body is catching a load, I'm cracking it's teeth
Deep in the temple Gehenna Moloch awaits to eat your unholy soul Brought before the dark throne Your flesh and soul is ripped from your bones Scratch and scream in disbelief Deep in the temple perdition Liars await to sell your broken soul Bought and sold by demons Feeding their evil ways Eating holes through your soul
Sob Story 01:51
Suicide sob story cause you got it so hard Spilling your guts, fishing for pity Shooting your mouth off, loving every second Verbally jerking off to your own voice Telling people what they want to hear Worrying about others is your only fear Suicide sob story cause you got it so hard Spilling your guts, fishing for pity Underneath it all, you're too queer To man up, and face your own fear I hate you, pull the hammer back and let go


The Whorehouse Massacre are a special force from Canada delving into suffocating, dense and frankly downright menacing doom/sludge metal. These guys are not here to enthrall you by playing groovy stoner tunes, but stick to their stoic and frighteningly massive method of hazy, hypnotic and overdrive stomp. Leads are ensconced in the miasmic texture of this monolith-in-motion, little rays of hope that don't get too far. The Whorehouse Massacre are a reminder to all of the sheer power this style of music possesses - not everything needs to be fast and technical. This one gets the job done by just its dense stature. 'Altar of the Goat Skull/VI.' comprise two of the band's latest EPs rolled into one ceaseless album, released as a precursor to the full length album coming out next year on Transcending Obscurity Records.

W.P. Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals
K.H. Bass
K.M. Guitar, Bass
(S.S. Solo on Bowels of Hell and Artwork)

Artwork by Scott Stearns (FISTULA, ACCEPT DEATH)

"Altar of the Goat Skull is an undiscovered classic." - Cvltnation (US)

"stripped-down, staggeringly crushing metal" - No Clean Singing (US)

"your eardrums might just burst" - Lords of Metal (Netherlands)

"a truly great gem" - Zero Signal

"A must for fans of gnarly death-doom!!!" - Wormwood Chronicles (US)

"one of the most satisfying walls of deafening fuzz I've heard in a long time" - Dire Notes

"this is pure power" - Stu's Reviews 9/10

"These cats are a kindred spirit to Coffins, St. Vitus, and Winter, that is if those bands were knifed in an alley and left to bleed out." - Hellride Music (US)

"soundtrack of a slaughter" - Puro Ruido (Argentina)

"knows how to assault the listener’s senses in a way that they keep coming back for more punishment" - Metal Gallows

Metal Imperium (Greece) 8.8/10


released February 20, 2015

2015 Transcending Obscurity Records /


all rights reserved



The Whorehouse Massacre (Miasmic Sludge/Doom)

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